Look out the Blockbuster Offers from Netflix Downloader

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The number of options available to rent movies online has been growing rapidly. Although Blockbuster and Netflix are still the most prominent online movie rental companies, there are many other options that offer excellent services. There are three major companies competing for market share: Roxon Cinema Now, iTunes, and Amazon.

Netflix Downloader

What is Amazon offering? Although Amazon is well-known, the online rental of movies is not as popular. Amazon offers a large selection of Netflix subtitles downloader movies and TV shows to rent online through their Video on Demand service. However, they do not offer any extra than Netflix or Blockbuster. Renting from Amazon works with many devices, including TiVo and the Roku box and there are also a number of internet-ready TVs, DVD players and other devices that can be used to rent. Most of these items can be bought directly through Amazon.

What does iTunes offer? You can rent iTunes movies online through your Apple TV or on your iPhones. You can also feed the iPod playback directly to your TV. Or, you can view files on a computer with iTunes or QuickTime. You can rent movies online from iTunes with its large selection of TV episodes, full seasons and movies.

While iTunes is still primarily viewed as a music download platform, iTunes has become more prominent in the movie rental and download markets. ITunes started offering TV episodes as a download. It was able to offer TV episodes as a download, but it grew quickly and eventually expanded to movies. This has made iTunes a convenient and popular place to rent movies online, since many people are familiar with the iPhones or iPod devices. What does Roxon Cinema Now have to offer? Although Roxon Cinema Now may not be as well-known as iTunes, it does offer over 60,000. Roxon supports many devices including Internet-ready TVs, DVD players, TiVo and Xbox 360.

Portable devices are also supported. Members can also rent movies online using Diva format. These can be burnt onto a disc or played in standard DVD players. Roxon offers a wide selection of movies for download and a great selection of new releases. ITunes allows you to view your movies on your iPhones or iPod. If you have one of these devices, it is much easier to watch movies immediately than with other devices. Recent reports do not suggest that Netflix or Blockbuster will soon offer the ability to instantly watch movies on your iPhones or iPads. You will also find fewer movies and genres at Netflix and Blockbuster.